I’ve been holding back, but enough is enough.

This weekend my opponent called Natchez a “One Hick Town”. Just watch the video above.
He also took a caravan ride through town calling me a racist. And now we’ve been told to expect some last minute dirty tactics, such as flyers (like before), negative phone calls, divisive FB posts, and even robocalls to my supporters after midnight Monday, July 13.

I cannot remain silent in the face of such negativity.
I urge everyone to have your phones charged and ready to film suspicious vehicles and other negative tactics during the final hours of this campaign. Be prepared. We must win tomorrow and forever silence this brand of dirty politics. If people don’t show up tomorrow to vote for POSITIVE over NEGATIVE, then I really worry for the future of our beautiful city. Natchez Deserves More.


If you do NOT VOTE on July 14th…Natchez will go back to failed, divisive leadership – full of tricks and deceptions, as shown in the video above.

In the video above, Dan walks you through his job-creation successes while the twice-elected Mayor of Crystal Springs! Dan’s leadership skills and connections can help save Natchez NOW.

Dan put new businesses in place that helped create hundreds of jobs. Dan has cultivated both relationships and respect with the  State and Federal partners we’ll need to restore our economy—he is already putting plans in action to lead the Natchez renewal.  As your next Mayor, Dan is ready to hit the ground running!