In just a few short years, it's amazing what we have accomplished.

4 Economic Renewal, 4 Workforce Development,
4 Tourism, and 4 Infrastructure.
But there is much more to do.

Natchez Deserves 4 More Years of Successful Leadership!
And we need your contribution and support.

Dear Friends,
I am excited about all the things happening in Natchez, and excited to now be running for another term.

And yes, all of the great successes of our past three years do spur me on:

700 building permits worth over $70 million in new construction and renovation, over 1,000 new jobs, over 250 new businesses, record unemployment,nearly $40 million in state and federal funds for Natchez and our partners, booming sales tax collections, record tourism, and transformation of the North Natchez Youth Center, our parks, playgrounds, ballfields, and new tennis courts.

I am also excited about projects now underway:

renovations to city properties including the Natchez Convention Center, City Auditorium, Civic Center, Police and Fire Departments, and the Duncan Park Golf Clubhouse. I am encouraged that our streets will soon be smoother thanks to a now-begun $6 million street resurfacing project, and I am also encouraged that our neighborhoods will soon be safer thanks to 50 new crime cameras and improved LED street lighting about to be installed in over half of our city.

Yet, even with all these accomplishments,what I am most grateful for is the work we have done to unite Natchez, moving past such a difficult history and the divisions of our past to enjoy and celebrate such a great present, and now to embrace and look forward to such a robust and amazing future.

This is why I ran for mayor, and this is why I am running for mayor again – so that, as a part of this great Natchez Renewal, I can continue to work with so many others in our community to share the light and love that emanates from our “shining city on the highest hill” – so our renewal may lead to a Mississippi Renewal and even an American Renewal.

I truly love Natchez, and I continue to be grateful for your confidence and support. This is why I love being your mayor.


And this is why I hope to continue as your mayor – Because Natchez Deserves More.

May God Bless You – And May God Continue to Bless Natchez!


Dan M. Gibson,
Mayor or Natchez

What Folks Say About Dan…

We have a chance to bring Natchez back!!! God bless you Dan Gibson for running for mayor!!

So qualified, but more than that–Dan is a truly genuine, responsible man who will bring so much to Natchez. He has already brought so much to the community by investing in properties and being an associate pastor.

The only time I ever met Dan’s brother, he said to me, “Dan IS the man you see…truly genuine.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Dan will be a great mayor and he plays a mean piano!

Dan is the first person who has run for Mayor in my memory that has gotten out to meet with folks & gotten involved.

I know Dan has the vision, leadership skill and compassions to be a great Mayor. If Dan becomes Mayor, I predict that it will be a watershed, transformational moment for the city and beyond!